Tissue Culture Pot

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Code Plant Name Position
1 Ludwigia Arcuata Background
5 Glossostigma elatinoides Foreground
8 Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba Foreground
9 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Foreground
10 Rotala macrandra Background
11 Rotala rotundifolia green (Macrandra) Background
13 Ludwigia peruensis Background
14 Hydrocotyle tripartita Midground
15 Hydrocotyle verticillata Midground
22 Hemianthus micranthemoides Background
24 Rotala rotundifolia (INDICA) Background
25 Rotala sp. Vietnam Background
26 Pogostemon stellatus ‘Dassen Background
27 Eleocharis parvula Foreground
29 Monte carlo Foreground
30 Staurogyne repens Midground
31 Cyperus helferi Midground
34 Hygrophila sp. Araguaial Midground
35 Pogostemon helferi Midground
38 Rotala macrandra Green Background
40 Riccia fluitans Foreground
41 Eleocharis vivipara Background
43 Rotala rotundifolia Hra Background
46 Blyxa Japonica Midground
55 Anubias Petite nana Midground
76 Echinodorus tenellus Foreground
90 Cryptocoryne axelrodi Midground
91 Cryptocoryne lucens Midground
92 Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green Midground
93 Cryptocoryne Parva Midground
94 Cryptcoryne wendetii brown Midground
95 Cryptocoryne wendtii tropical Midground
98 Cryptocoryne balansae Midground
99 Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green gecko Midground
106 Bucephalendra Pyemea red! Midground
106 Bucephalendra (Sintang) Midground
154 Echinodorus tenellus ‘Green! Foreground
185 Cryptocoryne pink panther Midground
195 Cryptocoryne spiralis red Midground
198 Cryptocoryne spiralis tiger Midground
202 Hygrophila pinnatifida Midground
203 Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Mini Midground
205 Utricularia graminifolia Foreground
215 Lagenendra Keralensis Midground
216 Lagenendra meeboldii ‘green’ Background
217 Lagenendra meeboldii ‘red’ Background
224 Rotala sp shimoga Background
296 Ranaculus innunduatus Background
298 Eleocharis accicularis Midground
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